Lucas-Milhaupt, Inc. Headquarters

5656 S. Pennsylvania Avenue
Cudahy, Wisconsin (WI), 53110 USA
Tel: +1 (414) 769-6000

Lucas-Milhaupt Toronto

Handy & Harman of Canada Ltd.
290 Carlingview Drive
Rexdale, Ontario (ON), M9W 5G1, Canada
Tel: +1 (416) 675-1860

Lucas-Milhaupt Brazing Materials (Suzhou) Co., Ltd.

North America: +1 (414) 769-6000
Europe: +33 (0) 5 53 92 5300
Asia: +86 (512) 62 89 1510

Lucas-Milhaupt Warwick, LLC

Formally: Wolverine Joining Technologies, LLC
235 Kilvert Street
Warwick, Rhode Island (RI) 02886
Tel: +1 (401) 739-9550

Lucas Milhaupt Ribérac SAS

Formally: Protechno sa
ZAE Les Chaumes BP 27
24600 Ribérac, France
Tel : +33 (0) 5 53 92 5300

Lucas-Milhaupt Gliwice

Formally: Inmet Metal Processing Plant Ltd.
Generała Józefa Sowińskiego 5
44-100 Gliwice, Poland
Tel: +48 32 238 06 00


Handy & Harman History

Handy & Harman is a widely diversified manufacturing company with a rich history of product and process innovation, and an exciting future. Formed in 1867, Handy & Harman is best known in the precious metals market, but also fabricates thousands of products for a broad spectrum of industrial users.

As early as 1905, Handy & Harman introduced its first line of brazing alloys and fluxes. These “solders” became invaluable in joining all types of metals into strong, leak-tight bonds. In response to growing demand from industrial markets, Handy & Harman’s research engineers developed standardized filler metals in strip, rod, and wire form, to meet a wide range of metal-joining applications. These new alloys were the original Easy-Flo® and Sil-Fos® products. During World War II, this new technology proved invaluable in the mass production of aircraft, ships, tanks, guns and ammunition.

The Lucas-Milhaupt Connection

Lucas-Milhaupt was founded in 1942 as a tool manufacturer, but soon turned to the production of silver alloy brazing preforms for the joining of metals. The use of preforms was a new technology that accelerated greatly due to the demands of World War II. From 1944 to 1967, the company grew steadily, adding copper, brass and aluminum brazing preforms and soft solder forms to the product line. The arrival of the electronic age brought with it a demand for all types of brazing and soldering methods and products.

Lucas-Milhaupt grew steadily developing advanced technology along the way. In 1967, Lucas-Milhaupt was acquired by Handy & Harman. Becoming part of a large, diversified firm supplied Lucas-Milhaupt with additional management skills and financial resources, allowing the company to grow even further. In turn, Lucas-Milhaupt provided Handy & Harman with new brazing products and fabrication services to add to its already vast offerings.

Over the years, Handy & Harman technicians continued to develop several groundbreaking new product families including: BRAZE™ (now known as SILVALOY®), cadmium free filler metals for specialized applications; PREMABRAZE®, high-purity vacuum tube grade alloys for electrical/electronic applications; HANDY® FLUX, specialized fluxes for various high and low temperature applications; and TRIMET®, a tri-metal clad strip for joining mining and cutting tools.

Meanwhile, Lucas-Milhaupt continued to expand their capabilities in metal-joining technology. Their inventory of alloys and forms has grown to be the most extensive in the industry. They also feature over 4,000 stockdies for stamping and a complete tool room, enabling them to custom manufacture brazing forms specifically to meet a customer’s unique application. In addition, their Technical Support group provides a variety of brazing services to assist customers in their metal-joining operations.

A look at Handy & Harman of Canada, Limited

In 1936, Handy & Harman of Canada, Limited, began business in Toronto, Ontario, as a supplier of sterling silver to the silversmith. At this same time, with our newly developed Easy-Flo® and Sil-Fos® silver brazing alloys, we initiated the modern era of low temperature production brazing across Canada.

Over the following years, the company has continued as a precious metal fabrication leader and innovator, supplying sophisticated and specialized products to the metal user. Our refining operation utilizes the latest equipment and refining techniques to ensure efficient, quick
returns for our customers.

Today, with a modern and environmentally conscious facility in Rexdale, Ontario, and supported by other Handy & Harman plants in the United States, Europe, and the Far East, we continue to expand and diversify, offering a broad range of products and services to Canadian industries involved in metal joining and the arts.